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Join Stampin' Up! Australia and my Team!

We all love getting free product! What's the catch you might be thinking? Read on...

Currently when you sign up for the Stampin' Up!® Starter kit you receive $235 of product and pay only $169! You can pick any product that you like, there are no lock in dates and you are not forced to sell. You can join PURELY to get the cheaper product because once you join, you get a minimum of 20% off everything you purchase.

Don't I have to sell a certain amount though?

There is a minimum of $440 every three months. This works out to you spending around $117 a month. You can reach that minimum easily on your own so don't feel overwhelmed! If however, if you don't reach that minimum then all that happens is that you just no longer receive the 20% discount on your product. You don't get a penalty, you are not forced to stay. 

What have you got to lose, join now and start benefiting from the great discount on amazing products!

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